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Construction of wooden houses

One of the direction of the company «Capital Group» is the full construction of wooden houses from timber, round logs for year-round or seasonal living. The company managed to prove itself as a reliable developer in Perm Krai, city Perm. During the construction process, we apply high-quality developments, branded reliable materials, highly competitive technologies. Due to the optimization of the full-cycle process, we can quickly build reliable houses, cottages, reducing the final cost of construction. Our experts are happy to help everyone in the process of selecting a future home.

Wooden houses have a special atmosphere, they have a unique smell of natural wood. With the log textured walls it’s easy to add originality to the design of a summer house. Buildings made from logs of the manual cutting method, according to relevant experts, have a huge number of advantages. Particularly, such houses are functional and durable. After the wall grinding procedure, there is no need for certain additional finished work. The only thing that needs to be done is to apply a special antiseptic to prevent rotting of the wood.

How quick do we build a wooden house?

On average, such a work lasts from three to five months, depending on the time of year, the specifics of the roof and method of the foundation laying.

What kind of season is the most suitable for the start of construction of the wooden house?

Wooden houses made of chopped logs are erected year-round. But the most optimal time of year for the start of work is autumn, this season is the most suitable for laying the foundation, buying better wood.

Guarantees for a wooden houses

Our company provides a three-year guarantee for the entire complex of construction work performed by our specialists.

Why is it worth to order the construction of a wooden house?

  • Durability of construction without additional wood processing
  • High strength
  • Naturalness (natural ventilation is provided)
  • Sound conductivity
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Natural visual appearance (bar diameter available up to 52 sentiments)
  • Environmental friendliness.

Disadvantages of wooden houses

  • Not many professional specialists are available on the market
  • The difference in the diameter of the beams
  • Shrinkage is noted.

Prices of timber houses in Perm

The «Capital Group» builds houses from a wooden beam at a price of 14.1 rubles per 1 m2.

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