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Business accounting services

The company «Capital Group» offers business accounting services for large enterprises and small companies. Our experienced experts provide professional accounting services for entrepreneurs, legal entity of any kind of activity, with different taxation systems. All experts of our company have a vast experience in accounting, graduated from the top universities of the country, received an accounting degree.

Clients of our company can use the services of a qualified lead accountant. This expert provides consultations, fully maintains client bookkeeping, provides specialized support on various accounting issues. In addition, the specialist can visit the company of our client in order to provide additional consultations or to obtain more documents.

Cooperating with us, there is no need to spend your energy, time searching for a competent accountant or thinking about who to delegate this functionality while your full-time specialist is on sick leave or on vacation. Using our services, you no longer have to bear the costs for maintaining an accountant in the state, buying of equipment for his workplace, as well as for purchase of special accounting software products. Nowadays, the listed advantages are understood by many domestic entrepreneurs. Especially in the current economic situation. So, each businessman will be able to calculate their costs, reducing them as much as possible, especially on the contents of the accounting department. First of all, outsourcing of accounting of the company is more profitable, cheaper and easier.

After ordering an accounting service from Capital Group LLC our clients can officially take into account all the costs of paying for these services in the process of calculating income tax, thus reducing their tax payments. In addition, there is no need to pay tax on the salary of the head accountant, and this is at least 30% of its rate.

In general, our accounting services includes:

  • assistance in the restoration of documentation;
  • archiving of accounting documents;
  • tax audit support;
  • representation of client’s interests in the Social Insurance Fund, Pension Fund, tax inspection;
  • submission of accounting statistical reporting to the tax office, other structures;
  • formation of tax, accounting reporting documents;
  • calculation of tax payments;
  • calculation of sick leave, vacation, salary;
  • formation of payment orders, a range of work with Internet banking;
  • control of accounts receivable and accounts payable;
  • preparation of accounting documents (advance reporting, sales books, purchase books, cash books, etc.);
  • formation, control and collection of primary documentation;
  • consultation from specialized experts;
  • additional services: introduction of personnel documentation (formation of personnel orders, maintaining labor books, drawing up an employment contract) and so on.
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